Yu-Xuan is looking for a Studio in Delft

Yu-Xuan is looking for: A Studio in Delft

  • Studio
  • Min. 20 m2
  • Male
  • 18 Immediately

I'm Yu-Xuan Chuang from Taiwan and obtained my master mechanical engineering degree at TU Delft recently. Now I'm holding the search year visa and looking for a job with a permanent contract. Before finding such a job, I'm now working on a short-term project for a start-up company, inPhocal, which is the company I cooperated with during my master thesis research. This project will be ended at the end of this year, and the montly paid is 3244 euro. For this reason, I need a place to stay and register. Regarding that I only have a temporarily contract now, I can pay more deposit or my parents can also be my guarantor. I'm a tidy, quiet, and easygoing person. I don't smoke and would not make noise at night. I like to cook and play basketball. I love animals but I don't have pets with me.

General information: Yu-Xuan
  Male, 26 years old
Type of tenant: Starter